Wood balance

A product's external effects can be inferred by examining its entire life cycle, including its production, use and final disposal. All the transport operations involved in every stage of the product's life must also be taken into consideration.

Transparency in the description of the product's life cycle and the traceability of the processes are essential criteria for an ecological
assessment. The purpose of an ecological assessment is to analyse the current manufacturing process in order to optimize the process itself or else to compare alternative materials for similar uses or functions.

Wood is an organic material that, in the long run, releases more energy than that which is required for its procurement, processing, recycling and use. For growth, trees only require the solar energy, CO2 and water provided by nature. The processing of wood  products requires less energy with respect to other industrial sectors. The construction of a brick house releases 400kg of CO2 per m2 into the atmosphere, while the construction of a wooden house only releases 30 kg per m2.
Wood balance

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