What are edged beams with wane Uso Fiume and Uso Trieste


Uso Trieste:

a chamfered beam with a square or rectangular cross-section obtained through the mechanical squaring of a log containing the pith,
continuous from the base to the tip on four sides, following the tapering of the log itself.

Note: The chamfering must be within the tolerances indicated below. Examining the beam on all four sides along its entire length, where the 4 chamfers are at their largest, these must have a minimum width equal to 1/3 of the cross-section, up to a maximum of 9/10 of the same along the entire length of the beam. Elements with chamfering of less than 1/3 of the cross-section (as described above) must meet the requirements set forth by Harmonized Standard UNI EN 14081-1.


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