Why Wood

Wood is aesthetically pleasing, warm, natural, refined and ecological - simply brilliant. The positive features offered by wood are endless. Some of the various fields of application include:
  • Sustainability of wood raw materials
Forest management is based on the principle of sustainability: the idea is to use less, or at most the entire amount of wood material that grows in one year, without compromising the growing stock of the forest itself.

  • Ecology
During growth the tree absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) and produces oxygen. In the process of photosynthesis, an average tree absorbs the equivalent of 0.9 tonnes of CO2 per cubic meter of growth. At the same time it produces 0.7 tonnes of oxygen (O2).

  • Mechanical strength
In proportion to its own weight, wood is capable of withstanding loads up to 14 times greater than steel.

  • Insulating material
Thanks to its extraordinary cellular structure, wood has an insulating capacity 15 times greater than concrete, 400 times greater than steel and 1,770 times greater than aluminium. A wood plank with a thickness of 2.5 cm has a greater thermal resistivity than a brick wall 11.4 cm thick.

  • Recycling
The demolition of a brick house results in debris that must be disposed of at high cost. Wood can be re-used as construction material or as an energy source.
Why Wood
Why Wood
Why Wood
Why Wood

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